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Tanning Salon Business Plan


Starting A Tanning Salon Business

A tanning salon business can be an excellent business opportunity.  Many people want to keep their summer tan all through the winter, and a tanning salon business can generate excellent revenues, especially if you live in a not so sunny climate.

Starting a tanning salon business, or any business for that matter, is not something to be taken lightly.  Starting a business is a serious endeavor, and you will want to do lots of advance planning and preparation to give your new tanning salon business the best chance of success. 

A Formal Business Plan

A good place to start is writing a formal business plan.  Take some time and write a plan for your business.  Having a good business plan will be essential if you need to seek a small business loan or any type of outside financing.

Contacting A Tax Attorney

Contacting a tax attorney is also a good idea when you are planning your tanning salon business.  A good tax attorney can help you with things like, whether or not to incorporate your business, how your business should be structured to minimize taxes and other items you may not have even thought of. 

Having a good tax plan up front will make it that much easier around tax time.

Don't forget that as a business you may have to pay quarterly estimated taxes instead of paying your taxes once a year like you've been used to.

Finding A Suitable Location

Finding a suitable location for your tanning salon business is another important decision you will have to make.  You will want to make sure you choose a location that will be convenient for your clientele. 

You may want to choose a location that is near a large local employer.  This strategy can provide a double benefit.  First of all, you will have a large pool of potential customers who can reach your tanning salon business over their lunch hour. 

Where To Advertise?

You can advertise directly to local employers by placing fliers with their receptionist.  This type of advertising is especially cost effective, since your only expense will be the cost of the fliers. 

Other advertising options include your local newspaper and local telephone directory.  You may also want to advertise in an online yellow pages directory.

Source For Equipment And Supplies

You will also need to find a good source for equipment and supplies for your tanning salon business.  There are a number of large companies that specialize in the tanning salon and spa industry.  Make sure you shop around to get the best prices on equipment and supplies for your tanning salon business.

The Staffing Challenge

Staffing your tanning salon business will be another challenge.  Placing a help wanted ad in your local newspaper is always a good way to start your search for qualified applicants. 

Don't forget to use your networking skills in your search for employees.  Your friends or business associates may know people who are looking for work.  Using your business contacts can help you find applicants you may not have through traditional channels.

Keeping Track Of Your Business

Once your tanning salon business is up and running you will need to keep track of your ongoing business expenses and your revenues.  This will not only help you in your tax preparation and planning, but will also help you to maximize profits in your tanning salon business. 

As the owner of your own tanning salon business, it will be up to you to carefully track the money coming in and the money going out. 

Running a tanning salon business can be difficult and challenging, but it can also be very rewarding.  Do your homework up front and plan ahead to make your tanning salon business a big success.

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