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Construction Business Plan


Starting A Construction Business

Starting a construction business can be a very lucrative move.  If you are already familiar with the construction business, striking off on your own can be a very smart decision. 

Many of the top people in the construction business started out with just a small local company.  With hard work and dedication you can start your own construction business and make it successful.

There are of course a lot of things to consider when starting a construction business.  You will need to establish a business address.  You will need to either set up an office in your home or rent an office somewhere else.  You may need to take out a loan to start up your new construction business.

A good place to start planning is by using the contacts you may have already established.  If you've been in the construction business for awhile, you probably know a lot of people. 

You may be able to pull from these established contacts to find business partners, investors and employees for your new construction business.  Talk to the people you work with every day. 

Let them know you are planning to start your own construction business.  You may be surprised at the level of interest you generate in your circle of business associates.

It would also be a good idea to establish a good relationship with the major builders in your area.  Talk to the local home and office builders in your neighborhood and let them know you have a new construction business. 

See if they can use your new construction business as a subcontractor on their current jobs or future projects.  Having a good working relationship with several large home builders can get your construction business off to a good start.

Lawyer And Tax Expert

Don't forget to contact a lawyer and tax expert about the legal and tax implications of your new construction business. 

These experts can give you guidance on whether and how to incorporate, what taxes you will need to pay and how best to construct your business model. 

Create A Business Plan

You should also sit down and create a business plan before starting your construction business.  Having a business plan will help you to obtain any loans you may need and will also help you with your tax considerations.

Hire Employees

You will of course need to hire employees for your new construction business.  Again, start with your circle of friends, colleagues and acquaintances.  You may be able to find excellent workers for your construction business by networking with your business colleagues. 

You can also contact your local unemployment office to place notices for job openings.  Check with your local temporary staffing and employment agencies. 

They may have a pool of skill laborers in need of work.  Placing an advertisement in your local newspaper is also a good way to attract qualified workers for your new construction business. 

Federal, State And Local Government Rules

Lastly, don't forget to check with your federal, state and local government.  They may have programs available to help your new construction business. 

There are government programs available to help new businesses get off the ground.  There are also programs available to businesses who locate in economically disadvantaged areas and for businesses who hire former government aid recipients.  

Your new construction business may qualify for one or more of these programs.  Don't forget to check it out.

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