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Catering Business Plan


Catering Business

Anyone who has ever attended a wedding, company party or other catered event can easily see how much fun it can be to own a catering business.  In addition, the catering business can be quite a lucrative one, particularly for those with cooking ability and business savvy. 

Before setting up shop and printing up business cards, however, it is important to sit down and create a detailed catering business plan.

Financing Your Catering Business

No new business can succeed without proper financing, and creating a catering business plan is the first step toward getting the financing that the new business will need to get off the ground. 

In addition, if the business owner is considering taking on one or more partners, those potential investors will want to carefully review the catering business plan to ensure that the new business meets their particular investment needs.

Legal And Tax Planning

Even those business owners lucky enough to provide their own financing will find a great advantage in creating a solid catering business plan.  That is because a catering business plan is not simply a tool to obtain financing.  That catering business plan is also a great tool for legal and tax planning purposes.

Creating a catering business plan is in many ways similar to creating a business plan for other businesses, but there are some key differences as well. 

For instance, the catering business will make use of highly sophisticated (and costly) kitchen equipment to create the highest qualify food at the lowest possible cost.  The depreciation schedule and cost estimates for these specialized appliances should be included in the catering business plan.

In addition, any tax concerns or legal issues specific to the catering and food service industry should be part of the catering business plan.  There are certain legal issues that must be taken into account when serving food and beverages to the public, and it is important that these special concerns be included as part of a complete catering business plan. 

Tax Issues To Consider For Your Auto Repair Business

Any specific tax issues should also be part of a complete catering business plan.  It is important to consult with a qualified tax preparer or tax attorney to spell out any specific tax issues to which the new business will be subject. 

It is also important for the catering business plan to include information on the formal structure of the business.

Starting a catering business can be a great move, and creating a catering business plan will help the potential catering business owner learn the ins and outs of this important and very lucrative industry.

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