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Bakery Business Plan


Starting A Bakery Business

Starting your own bakery business can be a very rewarding and lucrative move.  Perhaps you have always enjoyed baking and dreamed of owning your own bakery business.  Some advance planning and common sense can help you make that dream a reality.

As with establishing any business, opening your own bakery business will take hard work, long hours and much dedication on your part.  Starting a new business is never easy, and the bakery business is no exception.

A Solid Business Plan

Starting with a solid business plan is always a good idea and is a good first step toward opening your bakery business.  A business plan will allow you to see your ideas on paper and can help flesh out your ideas. 

In addition, a good business plan will be an absolute necessity if you need to seek outside financing such as a small business loan for your bakery business.

It will also be important to find good, reputable suppliers for your bakery business.  You will of course need the basic baking supplies like flour, sugar, baking powder, etc.  In addition, you will need to invest in equipment for your bakery. 

This equipment will include industrial ovens, mixing bowls and related equipment, cooling racks and all types of utensils. 

Check your local business directories to locate those businesses that cater to the bakery business.  As with any other major purchase, be sure to shop around to get the best deal.

A Suitable Business Location

You will of course need to find a suitable location for your bakery business.   As any real estate agent knows, finding a good location is paramount. 

A good, high traffic location can help your bakery business to be successful.  Scout around for the best location.  

Check out your local shopping centers for vacant space that could house your bakery business.  Finding the best location will likely be a time consuming process, but it will pay off in the end.

Types Of Products

Determine what type of products you want to sell in your bakery business.  Do you want to specialize in fancy cakes and pastries for high-end business functions and weddings? 

Do you want your bakery business to offer a greater variety of affordable products for the general market? 

Do research on your specific market to determine the best approach for your bakery business.  Different locations have different market forces at work, and what works well in one market may not work at all in another. 

By doing some basic market research before opening your bakery business, you will increase the likelihood that your bakery business will be a successful one.

After you have your location selected and your suppliers picked out, you will need to hire qualified, hardworking employees to staff your new bakery business. 

Who Will You Hire

Check with your local community college; they often have a culinary arts curriculum and may be able to provide you with students or recent graduates for your bakery business. 

Make sure you screen your applicants carefully.  Your employees are the point of contact between your bakery business and your customers. 

You always want your bakery business to provide good quality products and excellent customer service.

An Excellent Source Of Revenue

A bakery business can be an excellent source of revenue as well as being a great source of pride for you as the owner. 

A well run bakery business can provide you not only with a good livelihood but also with a great reputation and job satisfaction

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